Alcatel-Lucent Unit Pays $4.2 Million To settle Whistleblower Case Over Fudged Communications Testing Results

Lucent Technologies world services (LTWSI) an Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary will pay $4.2 million to settle False Claims allegations that it submitted misleading testing certifications to the Army relating to the design, contruction and modernization of Iraq’s emergency communications system. In March 2004, the Army awarded LTWSI a $250 million contract to build Advanced First Responder Network(AFRN) a 911 emergency response and first responder communications system to enable Iraqis to summon police, fire and medical assistance in emergencies. The whistleblower, Geoffrey Wilson, LTWSI’s former contract manager for the project alleged that the company submitted false claims for payment for equipment, services and contract performance award fees under the AFRN contract based upon inaccurate certifications that LTWSI performed and successfully completed certain testing of AFRN radio transmission sites. Wilson will receive $758,000 as his share of the settlement in accordance with the law. Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers. E-mail