Supreme Court agrees to hear appeal by Dominion Energy in decision by lower court to stop construction of $7.5 billion gas pipeline

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal by Dominion Energy Inc of a lower court ruling that halted construction on a $7.5 billion natural gas pipeline due to run underneath a section of the  Appalachian Trail in rural Virginia. A lower court ruling recently  found that the U.S. Forest Service lacked the authority […]

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cruise ship

Princess Cruise Lines pays $40 million for illegal dumping of waste in ocean and Violates Probation By Repeatedly Dumping Waste into Ocean and Falsifying Records

Princess Cruise Lines Ltd., a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation, may be prevented from docking ships stationed at U.S. ports following accusations by the federal government regarding its violation of probation agreements after disposing of plastic waste into the ocean. In 2016, Carnival Corp. was accused of illegally disposing of oil-contaminated waste into the ocean from […]

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desert sand

Global Depletion of Sand Used in Concrete, Asphalt, Glass, and Mining Now Affecting Construction and Mining Costs and leading to Potential Theft and International Conflict

While viewed as a seemingly limitless natural resource, the levels of certain kinds of sand have started to steadily decrease as the world’s need for further development increases. The sand that is gathered for building resources has almost caught up to the sand that is naturally made. Sand is an essential item required for building […]

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cargo ship on water at sunset

Brave Czech seaman Whistleblower to receive up to $1 Million for reporting German cargo ship, delivering material to Maine, dumping its oil into the ocean

A Czech seaman working aboard a German cargo ship observed an engineer to leak oil into the ocean using extra pipes configured on the boat. When the vessel came into Portlend Maine, he reported this to the authorities which investigated and eventually the U.S. find the German owners $3.5 million for the infraction of international […]

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Courageous ship engineer whistleblower awarded $1 million for reporting Princess Cruise illegal discharge of ship pollution

The British engineer who reported illegal discharges of oil-contaminated waste from a Princess Cruises ship was awarded $1m related to the line’s $40 million dollar pollution penalty.US District Judge Patricia A. Seitz in Miami ordered that $1m go to the engineer who reported the illegal discharges to the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency, which in […]

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New study finds medicines and carcinogenic chemicals and mercury in oysters

A new research study has revealed low levels of numerous medicines including carcinogenic chemicals and mercury in oysters that grow in Oregon bays. Other medicines found include antibiotics, antihistamines and pain relievers. Elise Granek, Associate Professor of environmental science and management at POrtland State University is a coauthor of the study published in the Journal […]

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