Federal appeals court affirms $111 million jury award to Government in whistleblower case for kickbacks by blood testing diagnostic laboratories

A federal jury has awarded the Government $111 million against two blood testing labs and their sales consultants were hit with a $111 million for knowing and willful violations of the Antikickback statute and False Claims Act (31 U.S.C. § 3729) (FCA). Blood testing labs Health Diagnostic Laboratory (HDL) and Singulex entered into exclusive contracts […]

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U.S. files major False Claims Complaint against Teva Pharma over hundreds of millions of $ in kickbacks to sell Multiple Sclerosis drug Copaxone

The United States has filed a major False Claims Act complaint against Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. and Teva Neuroscience Inc. (Teva), alleging that they illegally paid the Medicare co-pays for their multiple sclerosis (MS) product, Copaxone, through purportedly independent foundations that the companies used as conduits in violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute, the Department of […]

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Financial statement indicating medicare fraud.

What is Medicare Fraud?

Medicare fraud is a practice that involves the claiming of Medicare health care reimbursement to which a claimant is not legally entitled. Medicare fraud is routinely committed by individuals, pharmaceutical companies, medical teams, and healthcare facilities. Medicare fraud negatively affects taxpayers and the government, which is why the government encourages those with knowledge of Medicare […]

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Laboratory company pays $17million settling False Claims Act case alleging fraudulently billing Medicare for medically unnecessary feces tests

Genova Diagnostics, A laboratory company will pay the government $10 Million for allegedly tested patients’ feces unnecessarily and billed the federal government, leading to charges of Medicare fraud. Now, they’ll pay between $17-43 million to settle those allegations and others, according to the Department of Justice.  A lawsuit filed in federal court alleged Genova improperly submitted […]

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Newman Law Offices False Claims Act whistleblower case against nursing home chain Saber Healthcare settles for $10 Million

The nursing home chain, Saber Healthcare Group LLC, and related entities, (Saber) have agreed to pay $10 million settling a whistleblower case in which it is alleged that Saber violated the False Claims Act by knowingly causing certain of its skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to submit false claims to Medicare for rehabilitation therapy services that […]

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Pill bottles and money representing medicare fraud.

Federal Government Uncovers $150 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

A federal jury recently found four Michigan physicians guilty of Medicare fraud for their roles in a scheme that involved administering unnecessary treatments to patients in exchange for medically unnecessary prescriptions. The doctors required patients to receive the injections in order to get the prescriptions, and some of these were resold on the street by […]

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Guardian Elder Care therapy company pays $15.4 Million to settle False Claims Act case for billing medically unnecessary Rehab services to Medicare

Guardian Elder Care Holdings Inc., and related companies Guardian LTC Management Inc., Guardian Elder Care Management Inc., Guardian Elder Care Management I Inc., and Guardian Rehabilitation Services Inc., (Guardian) agreed to pay $15,466,278 to resolve False Claims Act allegations that they knowingly overbilled Medicare and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program for medically unnecessary rehabilitation […]

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Newman & Shapiro discusses the most common types of medicare fraud.

Common Types of Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud, which is a widespread problem in the United States, occurs when an individual, medical team, pharmaceutical company, or healthcare facility claims reimbursement for services to which they aren’t entitled. This practice costs the government and taxpayers billions of dollars each year, which is why the government requests that people report instances of Medicare […]

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U.S. Government joins healthcare fraud suit against Omnicare and CVS for billing invalid prescriptions to elderly and disabled

[T]he United States has filed a civil healthcare fraud lawsuit against OMNICARE, INC., and its parent company, CVS HEALTH CORPORATION.  The Government’s Complaint seeks damages and civil penalties under the False Claims Act for fraudulently billing federal healthcare programs for hundreds of thousands of non-controlled prescription drugs dispensed based on stale, invalid prescriptions to elderly […]

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