Boston Globe’s STAT reveals scandalous care in addiction treatment centers charging $24,000 a month

The Boston Globe’s on-line health and science publication STAT has published an important and well developed article today, revealing evidence of shoddy care and scandalous conditions inside drug treatment centers here . The article, referencing one major company charges an average of $24,000 a month but some were not getting basic counseling.(see link below). It refers to one particular company with two major facilities in Massachusetts. In one facility, state inspectors found that training was lacking and the facility understaffed and patients not properly supervised.

The article reveals the sordid details of various facilities in Massachusetts where patients were wandering freely, taking elevators to the roof to smoke and have sex.

Such facilities, promoting treatment for the wave of opioid addiction, are popping up around the country and charging substantial fees for the services. The article is well substantiated with specific observations from numerous former employees. State regulators appear to have known about the problems in these facilities but have not closed or sanctioned them. Here is a link to the article .

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