China websites ignore U.S. laws flooding our market with deadly drugs

China websites are selling scores of different illicit drugs to Americans, in direct evasion of U.S. laws including alpha PVP, or “flakka” as it is known. This stimulant is illegal in the U.S. but not in China and resulted in 18 deaths in Florida recently. This open drug sales via the internet appears to be allowed by the Chinese Government which has cracked down on other internet sites including Google.

The Chinese web sites are major drug traffickers of methamphetamine and its ingredients. Many other nations are attempting to get the Chinese government to assist in stopping this international trade of illicit drugs, including Mexico but China is not helping.

Presently the State Department and Department of Justice here are seeking ways to prosecute owners and operators of these web sites. Absent help from the Chinese Government, this will be difficult, except when the companies have operations here.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.