Daylight savings first suggested by Benjamin Franklin in 1784 is without benefit to the modern world. It was actually first introduced by the Germans during WW I to save coal during the war and people still think it saves energy and reduces traffic. It does neither. Studies by the National Bureau of Standards say that it has zero effect on the electrical usage and that road accidents are not reduced. As to human health, it has been well documented that clock shifts of an hour are extremely detrimental to health as the body relies on consistency and sets an internal clock for many functions based on habits. These functions occur deep in our brains within the hypothalamus. This part of the brain developed early in the evolution of humankind and controls the essential functions of the body. External changes are highly disruptive to the internal clock and it often takes a year of adjustment to re-calculate the biological clock after disruption. During this time, hormonal balances are in disarray. Several studies show that daylilght savings contributes to heart attacks, depression and suicide rates. I have also read in blogs, but not in studies that it has a negative effect on the stock market. I would be interested in citations from reputable studies in this regard by anyone who may have one.