False Claims Act Top 5 Settlements

Since 1986, False Claims Act settlements have resulted in over $25 billion in recoveries. The top settlements in the past ten years are; 1) Pfizer paid a total of 2.3 billion for kickbacks and off-label marketing involving the drugs Bextra, Geodon, Lipitor and others; 2) Tenet Healthcare paid $900 million for billing violations including manipulation of outlier payments to Medicare and upcoding and bill padding; 3) HCA paid $840 million for billing lab tests that were not medically necessary and not ordered by doctors and upcoding medical problems in order to get higher reimbursements ; 4) Eli Lilly paid $1.4 billion regarding off-label marketing of the drug Zyprexa; 5) Fresenius Healthcare, largest provider of kidney dialysis products and services paid $385 million for fraudulents and fictitious blood testing contracts and fraudulent claims submitted to Medicare for a nutritional therapy provided to patients during dialysis treatments.