Former DOJ Fraud Prosecutor Gregg Shapiro Joins Jeffrey Newman Law To Form New Whistleblower Law Firm, Newman & Shapiro

BOSTON, MA, April 12, 2021 – After a 16-year career in the Boston United States Attorney’s Office, where he was one of the nation’s most successful fraud prosecutors and recovered billions of dollars for American taxpayers, Gregg Shapiro has joined Jeffrey Newman Law to form Newman & Shapiro, a new whistleblower law firm. Newman & Shapiro will operate from Boston and will represent U.S. and international clients who expose fraud and corruption, including Medicare and Medicaid fraud, securities fraud, tax evasion, defense contractor fraud, and customs violations.

Since 2009, Jeffrey Newman, the principal of Jeffrey Newman Law, has been representing whistleblowers in major fraud cases that have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries and have yielded millions of dollars in awards for his clients. He is also a successful trial attorney, having won several multi-million dollar jury trials, and he previously represented hundreds of victims of sexual abuse by members of the clergy. Before becoming a trial lawyer, he was a prosecuting attorney in the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office. Before his legal career, Newman was an investigative reporter and photojournalist, during which time he interviewed Charles Manson in Vacaville Prison, covered the Gary Gilmore execution in Utah (for which he is mentioned in Norman Mailer’s The Executioner’s Song), and interviewed a death row prisoner who claimed to know Bruno Hauptmann, the alleged kidnapper of the Lindbergh baby. “I have known Gregg for about 10 years, and during that time I developed enormous respect for his diligence, work ethic, and attention to detail in his work on whistleblower cases for the Government,” said Newman. “He sets a high standard, and I cannot think of another person I would rather join with to create a whistleblower law firm.”

Gregg Shapiro joined the United States Attorney’s Office in 2005 and served as the Chief of its Affirmative Civil Enforcement Unit from 2013 to 2021. During his career as a fraud prosecutor, he brought cases against pharmaceutical manufacturers and other health care companies that resulted in over $3 billion in recoveries under the False Claims Act. He also oversaw financial fraud cases and other enforcement matters that generated over $5 billion in additional recoveries. For part of 2020, he served as Special Counsel to the Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery, where he advised on audits and investigations of recipients of CARES Act funds. Shapiro graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Law School.

“With my long experience prosecuting fraud cases brought by whistleblowers on behalf of the government, I am excited now to help whistleblowers directly as they bring cases to expose fraud and recover ill-gotten gains,” said Shapiro. “When I was in government, Jeff Newman had a reputation for bringing us well-researched, carefully-drafted complaints, and for thoroughly preparing his clients to present their cases to the government attorneys and agents. I look forward to joining him in this important work.”