In today’s New York Times, there was an interesting article on the concept of genetic memory in which scientists ruminate that resting inside our genes lurks a vast array of knowledge and memory borne from millions of years of of ancestor’s experience and that some think we just need to learn to tap into this well of incredible wisdom. Seems a promising Hollywood plot. Of course there has been little or no scientific research of this concept despite the new advances in the study of DNA and the genome project. However, must is said by way of analogy–that butterflies are embedded with a map that allows them upon birth to fly from Canada to the rain forest of South America and how animals have instinctive fears built in from borth. In addition, some studies have been done on worms and other animals to establish that memories can become imbedded in just one generation. This is such interesting stuff to consider knowing that one day there may be real light on the topic. If only we could use our embedded knowledge to cure chronic diseases or figure out how to feed the growing world populations or even how to assure that everyone has enough clean water to drink. Perhaps if science comes far enough, we will allocate our scant and waning resources to the concept, although I doubt either one. Science seems to progress in slow increments depending on a number of factors, including the world’s economy and whether there are wars afoot. The age of enlightenment came in a relatively quiet and prosperous period. The industrial era stemmed from an explosion of different phenomina and growth from Europe West. I keep looking for the patterns now to see where hopeful progress will be made. Let me know if you see anything coming.