HP pays U.S. $108 million settling probe on bribes in Russia and Poland

Hewlett Packard is paying $108 million to settle a Justice Department investigation into HP’s conduct in Russia and Poland in which it is alleged the company paid bribes to government officials to win business there.

This is one of a number of cases being investigated by the DOJ which has placed an emphasis on prosecuting companies that pay bribes to foreign government officials or their agents or family in order to get business. Such activity violates the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) but it is known that bribes are paid in many countries with great frequency.

Whistleblowers who render information in the correct way to the Securities and Exchange Commission are entitled under special laws to obtain a reward of between 15-30% of what the government recovers. The SEC law also allows for such individuals to report through their lawyers without revealing their identity. It is one of very few laws allowing this.

Jeff Newman represents whistleblowers.