International financial whistleblowers coming to America for Major IRS and SEC rewards

The IRS and Securities and Exchange Commission are finding unusual sources of information–international financial whistleblowers who are revealing enormous amounts of sensitive information about banks and large corporations that are evading taxes and defrauding investors and stock holders. The new breed of whistleblowers are sophisticated enough to know that they can reveal information under the SEC or IRS whistleblower programs and still remain anonymous, a new twist to these whistleblower programs expected to make all the difference to these individuals. It allows them to continue working without the fear of reprisals. It also allows them to collect the rewards of up to 30% of what the government recovers and in many of these cases, especially with regard to bank insiders in Switzerland, the Isle of Man, Cayman Islands as well as other major tax havens in the Caribbean, the fraud is massive. The Government Accounting Office estimates that trillions of dollars in taxes are lost to foreign tax havens which allow individuals and corporations to illegally secrete their moneys from Uncle Same because they money is kept outside the U.S. . Up until now, that has worked, for the most part. But as there is a significant incentive for whistleblowers to reveal this fraud,the jog may be up. One whistleblower was awarded $104 million last year as his share of the recovered moneys. That award generated significant press and since then, calls have come from the whistleblowers. If you are aware of financial fraud, tax evasion or fraudulent financial statements filed by publicly traded companies, contact Jeffrey Newman who represents whistleblowers.