IRS Whistleblower-Businessman Says Chamber of Commerce Groups Evading Millions In taxes Nation-Wide

A successful Hilton Head businessman Skip Hoagland has become the latest IRS whistleblower seeking rewards for helping the government recover significant sums for for tax evasion. Hoagland says that the Hilton Head-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce and others around the nation, are violating U.S. tax laws because although the operate as non-profits, they actually generate sales and are profit making ventures and should be taxed. Hoagland said he filed the IRS whistleblower case within the last month and the IRS is investigating the matter. Last week, the IRS awarded UBS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeldt $104 Million, the largest whistleblower award in U.S. history. Hoagland hired an accounting firm Sadowski and Co. Œ to examine the tax fraud allegations before he filed the IRS case. The President of the Hilton head Chamber Bill Miles earns $321,000 as his annual salary. One key aspect of Hoaglands whistleblower case is that he says Chambers that sell advertising compete unfairly with companies because they don’t have to pay taxes on the revenue. The case calls into question when a company can be a 501c3 charity. Stay tuned. Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers. His email is