Johnson & Johnson settles hip lawsuits for $2.5 Billion for average settlement of $250,000

Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay over $2.5 Billion to settle thousands of lawsuits caused by defective all metal hip implants. However, the deal will not close unless a large majority of victims support the agreement.

The ASR implants were defective as a result of the metal parts grinding together and sloughing off metal shards into the tissues surrounding the hip. In some cases, this resulted in poisoning of the tissues and the blood and in most cases, an additional surgery to replace the device was required.

There was a global recall of the devices in 2010.

News reports indicate that the final deal will result in an average settlement per person of about $250,000 if it is accepted. Some will receive more if they had especially tough injuries or problems with the additional surgeries.

There are about 12,000 ASR related legal claims pending in the United States.

Metal hip makers Stryker and Biomet are also facing lawsuits from patients alleging their implants were fraulty and caused harm.