JP Morgan $9 Billion Witness — when they come forward to reveal the truth America will renew

There is a superb article in the recent edition of Rolling Stone entitled The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JP Morgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare. It’s about a woman named Alayne Fleischmann a young lawyer who worked for JP Morgan and was considered the major witness in the government’s case against the bank. That’s the case that was settled for $9 billion last year .

The article is about how soon to be former Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department sold out the American public but settling with Chase without a criminal prosecution. Without trials, the facts are buried. However now Ms. Fleischmann reveals the real details as she had to come forward as she could not live with her self if she did not do so.

Every American should read this article. Every parent should read it to any child above the age of ten because until people like Ms. Fleischmann come forward to reveal the true extent of American fraud in its corporations, banks, hedge funds and companies our nation will not flourish as it has in the past.

None of the bankers who were directly involved in writing mortgages that should never have been written have been punished. None have gone to jail even though the mortgage scandal rocked the American economy and we will continue to feel the results for years to come. In the Rolling Stone article, author Matt ΠTaibbi describes the extent of the wrongs in great detail and Ms. Fleischmann, unafraid gives details as to how she was quieted by the bank and by others.

An interesting aspect of the piece is about Ms Fleischmann, although there is not a lot written about her exact reasons for coming forward now. Hopefully a book will rise from this article, Œ revealing even more details of the largest financial scams in our nation’s history. That too should be number one for all to read. The nation is fed up. Corruption in Washington and on Wall Street is meeting the beginning of the end. When they come forward to reveal the truth, America will renew. Good for you Ms. Fleischmann. Good for you.