Learning to Spot Medicare Fraud

Protecting yourself or your parents from Medicare Fraud is not difficult once you know what to look for. Last year, the Department of Justice recovered a billion dollars in health care fraud, in good part as a result of whistleblowers like you. Whistleblowers are entitled to a percentage of what the government recovers. Here are some tips on fraudulent schemes.

Be suspicious of doctors, health care providers or suppliers that tell you:

  1.  The equipment or service is free, it won’t cost you anything and they only need your Medicare number for their records;
  2. Medicare wants you to have an item or service;
  3. The more tests they provider the cheapter the test;
  4. Be suspicious of doctors who use pressure or scare tactics to get you to take diagnostic tests or who offer non-medical transportation or housekeeping as a Medicare-approved service.

Only you can watch out for these kinds of government fraud. Be vigilant Πand report such activity. You should read your bills from all healthcare providers including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and physicians. You have a legal right to a complete breakdown of all charges for services and goods. Medicare fraud is a frequent occurence. If you become aware of healthcare fraud and wish to be a whistleblower contact competent legal counsel who can review your claim with care.