Nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, hospice care fraudulently overbill Medicare over $1.5 Billion per year

A report by federal health care inspectors said that the U.S. nursing home industry over-bills Medicare by at least $1.5 billion each year for treatments patients don’t need or never receive. Thirty percent of the claims sampled for for profit homes were deemed improper. Some times patients are given physical and occupational therapies to the most sick and near death patients, all totally unwarranted and paid for by the taxpayers. At a nursing home in South Carolina, an 80-year-old woman who couldn’t control her head or keep her eyes open was placed in a standing frame for 84 minutes of physical and occupational therapy just two days before she died. Hospice companies are also committing fraud on Uncle Sam. In that past three years, the U.S. Department of Justice has settled civil fraud complaints against eight hospice companies that enrolled or retained patients who weren’t dying. Jeffrey Newman represents whistle-blowers reporting Medicare Fraud including in skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, hospice care and cases related to medical device manufacturers.