Physician and repeat whistleblower wins over $38 million for reporting fraud

William LeCorte M.D. of Metairie Louisiana is a 65 year old internist with an active medical practice. He is also a prolific whistleblower who has filed 12 lawsuits reporting healthcare companies that defraud taxpayer funded programs and he has won over $38 million in rewards under the False Claims Act.

The law allows for private citizens with unique information about fraud on Uncle Sam to file a case and if the government collects, the whistleblower gets a reward of upto 30% of what is collected.

One of the major cases Dr. LeCorte was involved in was against Merck & Co. which paid $250 million in 2008 over allegations it overcharched Medicaid for Pepcid, a heartburn medication. LeCorte got $23 million after attorneys fees.

In one of his earlier cases, Dr. LeCorte was alerted to the fraud when he ordered lab tests for a patient and the lav conducted more expensive analyses than he requested. One company paid $187 million to the government to settle a claim.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.