A former manager at a Planned Parenthood facility has filed a federal lawsuit alleging a massive Medicaid Fraud scheme by the organization involving nation-wide systemic fraud. Abby Johnson who worked at PP in Texas, says that Planned Parenthood submitted fraudulent invoices to the United States Government over a period of years, billing for ineligible products and services and falsifying patient charts to make them look legitimate. Under the Federal False Claims Act whistleblower law, Ms. Johnson could be entitled to a reward as high as 30% of any moneys the government collects from Planned Parenthood. There are two other pending lawsuits with similar allegations of fraudulent billing for services and products not covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Johnson said that when she learned about the fraud and brought the matter to her employer, she asked what are we going to do about it and was told “Well, we are going to hope we don’t get caught.”