Senator Grassley presses bill to charge up IRS whistleblower program

Senator Chuck Grassley is on the move to change the IRA whistleblower program t better IRS treatment of tax fraud whistleblowers, enhanced rights of taxpayers whose personal information is improperly accessed by IRS employees, extended time for taxpayers to contest an IRS levy, greater protections for taxpayers where the IRS improperly levied a taxpayer’s individual retirement account, electronic record retention at the IRS, and requiring mandatory e-filing by tax-exempt organizations for greater transparency.

“The IRS needs to put out the welcome mat for tax fraud whistleblowers, not treat them like skunks at a picnic,” Grassley said.

The Grassley-Wyden, Grassley or Grassley-Thune measures approved by the Finance Committee today are:

  • Improving communications with IRS whistleblowers.
  • Protecting tax fraud whistleblowers from employer retaliation.
  • Notification of unauthorized inspection or disclosure of returns and return information.
  • Extend time limit for contesting an IRS levy.
  • Individuals held harmless on improper levy on retirement plans.Œ
  • Electronic record retention.Œ Œ
  • Mandatory e-filing by exempt organizations.Œ
  • A study of problems with IRS use of offers in compromise.
  • Improved access to appeals.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.