The ultimate environmental whistleblower: Google street cars measuring pollution

Google and Aclima a San Francisco startup are equipping Google’s Street view cars with environmental sensors to measure pollution and its sources. Google drives the Street View cars around the streets of the world to collect data for Google Maps.

Aclima announced a partnership with Google Earth Outreach and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The plan is to expand air quality mapping efforts.

A pilot program was engaged in Denver in August 2014 where three vehicles collected over 150 million air quality data points Җ Πmonitoring one area intensely or otherwise monitoring different parts of the city.

The EPA currently relies on a network of stationary equipment to monitor air quality.

The devices all aspects of air quality including humidity, temperature, and emissions. It is unclear as to whether those violating laws by pollution harming air quality, that is picked up via these mobile monitors,will be reported to the EPA or other authorities.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.