Trump–Time’s Person of the Year promises to slash the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs

Donald Trump, revealed as TIME’s Person of the Year has promised to reduce the price of prescription drugs. He said “I don’t like what is happening with drug prices and I will bring down the cost of prescription drugs. Prescription drug prices have skyrocketed. Valeant Pharmaceuticals, which hiked costs on two heart medications by 300% and 700%, and Mylan’s 548% hike on the price of EpiPens.

Allergan Chief Executive Officer Brent Saunders said at a conference last week that Trump might be more “vicious” than defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Saunders, who has argued that industry should police itself, worried that drug companies had a “false sense of relief.””If our industry can self-regulate on pricing, we can all focus on investing in innovative medicines and cures and move the pricing discussion to the back burner. I think everyone, especially the patient, is better off if that happens,” he said in a statement Wednesday.

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