Whistleblower talks about exposing oncologist’s Medicare fraud

Dr. Farid Fata, once a popular oncologist and hematologist who founded and oversaw Michigan’s largest private cancer practice is soon to be sentenced for her role in a $34 million Medicare fraud scam which involved prescribing unnecessary tests for over 550 patients. Dr. Fata had over 1,700 patients, some served in clinics in seven cities. Another doctor, Dr. Soe Maunglay is credited with revealing the fraudulent scheme. The Detroit News published an article on Dr. Maungley, who is Burmese born. He wasŒ employed by Fata, who figured something was awry when he informed a bone marrow cancer patient at Rochester Hills’ Crittenton Hospital that she, despite a previous diagnosis by Fata, did not have had cancer at all. Many doctors worked at this practice but it was not until Maunglay met the Crittenton patient that he decided to report Dr. Fata. Maunglay told the Fata patient she was fine, she had never had cancer. Shehe had been prescribed several difficult procedures, including three bone marrow biopsies and monthly intravenous immunoglobin injections for cancer they said she had. Now Fata awaits sentencing for his crimes including a kickback scheme with a hospice.