Why Amazon Google Apple and Fortune 500’s should join to create their own private non-governmental anti-fraud whistleblower program

Presently the U.S. government oversees the major existing whistleblower programs and laws, including False Claims Act (FCA) cases through the Department of Justice, the IRS whistleblower program, the Securities and Exchange whistleblower program the Commodities Futures Trading Commission Commision whistleblower program and a few others. Some other nations have created whistleblower programs all overseen by their government agencies. These are all administered by the governments and they allow for a reward to the whistleblower of a percentage of what the government recovers. These programs and the private actions filed under the False Claims Act are the key means by which major corporate and personal frauds are revealed and “remedies” are rendered to the wrongdoers. The programs and whistleblowers are useful in our society and also the global marketplace as the wrongdoing and fraud is so rampant and damaging to the economic mechanisms set up to allow corporations, individuals and nations to deal with each other in a competitive environment.

Now there is a need for a private, non-governmental whistleblower program to prevent fraud and different forms of wrongdoing, including international cybercrime and international fraud which is threatening the legal interplays between nations. Fortune 500 companies including the most powerful ones such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Exxon, General Motors and so many others have a unique opportunity to create a means by which the private forces of industry may police themselves and the governments of the world through the creation of a whistleblower program overseen by representatives of the different corporate entities. Once the critical information concerning corporate or governmental wrongdoing is investigated, the information can, in some instances be sent to the appropriate legal authorities or, in the case of fraud or wrongdoing could be rendered to the entities who suffered damages for private lawsuits or other means of redress.

The concept has distinct advantages, for example in the case of privacy invasions which have been directed at so many of these companies. It could also reveal extensive counterfeiters and violators of Trademarks would allow for revelations that would help deter and prevent these activities as the cost would be too great. There are those who will say that we would be creating a world of snitches but given the enormous harm being created by the various world interests now, including governmental interference with other nations, whistleblowers can help enable fair dealings and increase the sanctions for violations of national and international laws. One of the most significant benefits of such a program is that the information about a corporate, personal or governmental fraud can be interdicted early enough to prevent a continuation of serious wrongdoing which can victimize millions including the prevention of privacy invasions and cybercrime.