Call for shift in CIA focus from paramilitary activity back to the fundamentals of pure intelligence gathering and recruiting

Jack Devine, a thirty two year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, who was one of he CIA’s top spy masters, heading the CIA’s operations outside the U.S. writes in his book GOOD HUNTING says that as a result of ten years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been a drift in the agency’s focus towards the militarization of CIA personnel. p. 291. This, he says (quoting many others), has reduced the agency fundamentals of spotting, developing and recruiting individuals to provide or obtain information. This, he says, is what is really needed given the more immediate terrorist threats as it will allow the U.S. to monitor and anticipate attacks and to assist our allies to counter such problems. Every American must know this and influence Congress to move the CIA in this direction. There is not a single more important weapon we have now which surpasses pure intelligence gathering, which is the hardest of work but the most worthwhile.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers