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Spending on healthcare is the largest component of the federal budget, and healthcare fraud cases account for the majority of all False Claims Act cases. At Newman & Shapiro, we specialize in representing whistleblowers in healthcare fraud cases, and we have a long track record of recovering multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of our whistleblower clients in the healthcare industry. Click here to read some our success stories.

Numerous government programs cover healthcare costs for millions of Americans. Among these programs are Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, Veterans Affairs, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, and the Indian Health Service. The perpetrators of healthcare fraud may include pharmaceutical and medical device companies, doctors, hospitals, mental health clinics, physical therapy clinics, lab companies, urgent care centers, or nursing homes.

Whistleblowers play a crucial role in ensuring that healthcare frauds are exposed and stopped, and that ill-gotten gains from these frauds are returned to the government on behalf of the American taxpayers who fund federal and state healthcare programs. If you have unique, detailed evidence about a person or company that has engaged in healthcare fraud, please contact us to discuss the possibility of filing a case to address the fraud.

There are many types of healthcare and pharmaceutical frauds that generate False Claims Act cases. For more information about the various types of healthcare fraud cases we handle, click these links: