Ex-CEO of Olympus turns whistleblower pens major scandal book soon to be Hollywood film

Michael Woodford was CEO of Olympus Corporation he uncovered one of the biggest financial scandals in Japanese history and turned whistleblower when the company tried to cover it up. For this, Woodford was fired and he has now written a book entitled Exposure: Inside the Olympus Scandal-How I Went From CEO to Whistleblower. It will be released on November 27 by Penguin. Last September, Olympus President Tsuyoshi Kikukawa pleaded guilty for his part in the $1.7 billion financial cover-up where they falsified records going back over a decade. Woodford received a reported $15.5 million as compensation for having been unlawfully fired from his job for “misconduct”. Woodford said that he has already been approached by Hollywood studios to make a movie from his book.