Lance Armstrong has now been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and received a lifetime ban from Olympic sports based on allegations of doping by using performance-enhancing drugs and blood transfusions. Now the United States, which has a pending whistleblower case against Armstrong is poised to advance on that action and to demand return over $35 million in sponsorship moneys not including penalties. The whistleblower is Floyd Landis who was also stripped of his title after testing positive for testosterone. He confessed to doping and accused Armstrong sparking a federal grand jury investigation ending without charges. The United States Postal Service gave tens of millions of dollars to Armstrong’s teams and Armstrong is just one defendant in the whistleblower suit Landis filed for the government in 2010. Armstrong has more than $100 million in endorsement fees but other companies including SCA promotions which paid him a performance bonus of millions in 2006 may sue him as well. Armstrong, who has never admitted doping or taking performance enhancing drugs says that he is the victim of a witch hunt which he sees as the cause of all of his problems.