Foreign bribes by publicly traded corps frequent and big DOJ target

Large multi national publicly traded corporations frequently pay foreign officials or their representatives bribes in order to secure business in other nations. Because the companies are publicly traded, they now fall within the jurisdiction of the Securities and Exchange Commission and The Department of Justice under the newly passed Dodd-Frank Act. In addition the SEC and DOJ are making a big push to prosecute such cases here and the recently completed case against Germany-based Allianz is just one example. Recently the SEC charged Allianz SE with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for making improper payments to government officials in Indonesia during a seven year period. The SEC investigation uncovered 295 insurance contracts on large government projects that were obtained by improper payments of $650,000 by Allianz subsidiary in Indonesia to employees of state owned entities. Allianz made over $5.3 million in profits. Allianz agreed to pay $13 million to settle the charges. Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.