Fraudulent scientific paper reviews revealed–retractions and fraud more widespread

Investigators for a major scientific paper publisher have uncovered a spate of fraudulent reviews resulting in a retraction of 60 scientific papers from one journal. The retraction in question occurred in the Journal of Vibration and Control. These follow other major scientific research paper retractions in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Biology relating to how HyungIn Moon had secretly reviewed his own work through faked identities. This resulted in a retraction of 30 papers.

Even the reputable Journal Nature retracted two articles last April after it was revealed that Haruko Obokata, a RIKEN Institute researcher had misrepresented some of her data and altered pictures associated with what was thought to be groundbreaking stem cell research. Ultimately an internal investigation resulted in RIKEN retracting two papers finding Obokata guilty of two instances of intentional misconduct.