GoFundMe sets up Pay Legal Fees for Potential Apprentice Tapes Whistleblower

GoFundMe has created an internet web page to pay legal fees and costs for any person who leaks tapes of Donald Trump saying disparaging or offensive comments during the time he worked on NBC’s reality series, The Apprentice.

“Someone out there is likely in possession of a piece of evidence that could be used to substantiate what many folks have always believed,” the GoFundMe page states. “This country needs that person to come forward and ensure that we all know the truth that is out there.”

The page has been named the “Trump Sunlight Campaign,” because “sunlight after all, is said to be the best disinfectant.”

“There are risks to releasing this [Apprentice] footage, including a potential $5 million lawsuit,” the GoFundMe page, which features a photo of former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, states. “This campaign hopes to raise the funds to pay those penalties and reward the whistleblower responsible with whatever remains to assist them forward in their career.”

Trump was the host of The Apprentice for 14 seasons.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Financial Fraud. He is presently representing whistleblowers in 7 states as well as many others who have filed in the Securities and Exchange Whistleblower Program. He is a member of the Massachusetts and Federal Bar of Michigan.