Nintendo reportedly starting to produce new switch consoles outside China to avoid new tariffs on US imports

Nintendo has reportedly started making two new Switch consoles outside of China in order to evade new tariffs on US imports. The Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo’s supply chain have confirmed the movement of production to Southeast Asia, and that the company aims to produce enough consoles to fulfill demand in the US. Nintendo has reportedly begun producing two new variants of its Switch console, and at least some of them are being manufactured outside of China in order to evade new tariffs on US imports

 One is thought to be a high-end version of the Switch, while the other is a cheaper model that’s designed with an emphasis on portability.

The start of production reportedly means that the new consoles could be introduced soon. The WSJ initially reported that Nintendo was planning to announce the consoles at E3, but the hardware subsequently failed to make an appearance during the company’s Nintendo Direct presentation at the show.

The Japanese video game giant is just the latest  company moving production out of China. Late last year, GoPro announced its intentions to move its US-bound camera production out of China, and now Google is reportedly doing the same for its Nest products.