Retired Doctor Gets $23.5 million for Whistleblower Case

Retired cardiologist Harry Fry will get $23.5 million from Christ Hospital as part of a $110 million settlement of a whistleblower suit he filed in 2003. Fry charged that the hospital was improperly assigning panel time in its coveted Heart Station based on how much money those doctors generated for the hospital by referring patients.Department.The Justice Department joined Fry’s suit in 2008 and will collect $108 million before paying Fry. Whistleblowers generally get between 15 percent and 25 percent of the total settlement. The deal includes $2 million to help pay Fry’s legal fees.In one year, profits generated by Ohio Heart doctors totaled more than $25 million, the government said.Patients who arrived at the hospital without a specific cardiologist were sent to the Heart Station, getting the test from the assigned doctor. Since that test could lead to lucrative treatments later, the slots were highly coveted.