Will Patriots equipment assistant Jastremski blow the whistle on Brady?

Patriots equipment assistant John Jastremski, a full-time employee, was the game day attendant for the game officials locker room. He was seen entering the bathroom for a period of time with the game balls Jastremski has been indefinitely suspended without pay by the club effective May 6th. The NFL said that he cannot be reinstated without league executive VP Troy Vincent’s approval.

There apparently is a smoking gun text messages between equipment assistant Jastremski and locker room manager Jim McNally, who discuss Brady’s preference for the balls and their roles in deflating them to his liking.

The media will not let this go and there are possible law suits including wrongful termination suits which would allow subpoenas to all in question forcing them to be under oath. The pressure will mount on Jastremski. If he has information about Brady’s direct or even indirect involvment, my bet is that he whistleblows on Brady.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers